Welcome to Jim the Jet Provost’s own website

Jim’s book is now available to buy from his online shop

Jim the Jet Provost is the first in a series of ‘kidults’ books.

In two parts, the first is an illustrated story about Jim, for younger children. The second part is a brief history of the Jet Provost for the ‘older kids’ amongst us.

Here on Jim’s website you can learn more about Jim and his friends as we begin to introduce them. They’ll all be here in the Squadron Museum.

Larry the Lightning and Fat Albert are already waiting with Jim to say hello.

Isaac the Halifax is here too.  A wise old bomber who likes to tell the stories of the other aircraft but is a little reluctant to tell his own.

You’ll meet Vicky the Victor. Everyone loves her and you’ll see why she’s so popular as you hear all the stories from the other aircraft.

Watch out for Chadwick the Vulcan, he’s a star!


JimRead about their antics and meet a few more of the ‘other’ characters as we introduce each new book.

We have the family of mice, Mr & Mrs Cheese and their two children Wensley and Dale.

Meet Mr McMillan and his one eyed cat Nelson.

Not forgetting the dirty rat Christie.

They’re all here, waiting to be introduced to you. Who else will we meet along the way?


The books are designed to introduce children (and adults) to the aircraft of the Royal Air Force and the people who help keep the pilots in the skies.

Each aircraft’s story will also help raise money for various military charities.

Sir Dusty Miller, President of the Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA) has written the forward for Jim’s book, as 10% of the profits from Jim’s book will go to the Royal Air Forces Association. You can find a link to their website via our ‘Links’  tab.