Jim needs some help people!

Written By: Jim Provost - Nov• 03•13


Jim is now ranked 129 on Authonomy. In a very short period of time Jim has flown through the ranks. If he lands within the Top Five in the next 27 days he will be given the opportunity of being reviewed by Harper Collins.

If you wish to help Jim please go to www.authonomy.com
(If you’re not already registered with Authonomy you will need to do so, don’t worry it’s a simple process that doesn’t take long. The process is not Smartphone friendly so please use a bigger computery thingymebob)

Search for: ‘Jim the Jet Provost’
Then click on: ‘Read the book’ (You can also read Larry and Albert on Pages 2&3)
If you like what you read please click on: ‘Back the Book’
Then click: ‘Add to watchlist’
Then rate the book with as many stars as you like.
Last but not least: Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts.

Jim thanks you for your time 🙂

Jim’s star appearance on Mighty FM

Written By: Jim Provost - Oct• 15•13

Sean Connolly, Author of British Army on the Rampage, will be reading part of Jim the Jet Provost, live on Mighty FM, this Saturday 19th October. The show is broadcast from 17:00 to 20:00 hours.

Listen live at www.mightyfm.co.uk

If you like what Sean reads please support Jim by registering at www.authonomy.com Search for Jim the Jet Provost, then ‘back the book’ and ‘add to watch list’. Leave Jim a comment to tell us what you thought.

Please also check out Sean’s website www.armynovels.com

Jim’s No1 fan receives very first Jim mug

Written By: Jim Provost - Oct• 15•13


Jim sends his very first mug to his No1 fan Kian Potts, to say thank you!

Jim the Jet Provost on Authonomy

Written By: Jim Provost - Oct• 13•13

Come and visit Jim at Authonomy from Harper Collins.


Read part of Jim’s story, review rate and back the book.

Help us to get Jim on the editors desk for a review by Harper Collins.


Written By: Admin - Oct• 08•13

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