Fat Albert



The early morning peace and quiet in the Squadron Museum is suddenly shattered.

The aircraft are rudely awoken by the sound of an almighty commotion going on somewhere inside the walls of the Museum café.
Mrs Cheese is heard screaming and shouting, but as the aircraft have only just woken up their brains are still clouded from their dreamy slumbers. They cannot make out what it is all about.

Christie the dirty rat is spotted as he scurries across the museum floor, away from the sound of Mrs Cheese’s cries.
What has caused Mrs Cheese to be so upset?
What is that rat Christie running from?
As the aircraft settle back down again to catch a last few minutes of snooze time Jim hears a sad noise.
Fat Albert is crying and appears to be trembling.
What is the matter with him and why is he so upset?
Listen to Isaac the Halifax as he tells Jim the Jet Provost Fat Albert’s story.