Jim the Jet Provost

Inside a dark, damp, spooky old aircraft hangar sits Jim the Jet Provost. A little, Royal Air Force jet trainer aeroplane who has been abandoned.

With only an occasional bird, a family of mice and some creepy spiders for company Jim is very sad and lonely.

BOOK COVER SKETCHThese days the only daylight Jim sees is from a hole in the hangar roof, through which a shaft of light beams down onto his cracked cockpit canopy.

He spends his days dreaming of the times when he used to train fresh faced pilots and when he thrilled crowds with his tight manoeuvres in an aerobatic display team called the Fenton Flyers.

One day Jim hears a lorry outside his hangar. Suddenly the doors are opened and Jim is bathed in bright sunlight.

Two mysterious men walk towards him. Who are they? What are they doing here?

When these men set about Jim with a variety of noisy tools and then begin to take him apart Jim is petrified.

Why are the men doing this and what will happen to him?


Author: Amanda Cundall

Illustrator: Spencer Trickett