Larry the Lightning

Jim the Jet Provost has had an exhausting day but he can’t wait to make some new friends.

Mr McMillan and his one eyed cat Nelson have taken one last look into the museum’s large display hall, before they head off back to his office for a well earned cup of tea.

He will be back for the next round of security checks later in the evening.


Now get ready for the Squadron Museum to come to life, as the aircraft stand at ease, to hear about Larry the Lightning’s encounter with something very peculiar indeed.

Larry is scrambled into the air to chase off unknown enemies.

He’s hot on their tail, but suddenly he sees a blinding bright light and he finds himself out of control.

His pilot is unconscious and he’s falling to the ground.

What will happen and can anybody help him?

Will he make it back to camp safely?

Pull up a sandbag and get ready for the next exciting story from Jim the Jet Provost and the ‘Tales from the Squadron Museum’.